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Website Speed Test Analyzer


Website Speed Test Analyzer


What is a website speed test?

A website speed test determines how quickly a website loads. It can measure the jitter, latency, and download time of your site. It's important to know this information because it affects how people view your site. If your site takes too long to load then they will likely leave before seeing what you have to offer.

Why is Site Speed Important?

Site speed is an important factor that affects the conversion rate of your website. Studies have shown that more than 40% of shoppers abandon their cart if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. It's also important to note that not all visitors will be patient enough to wait for your site to load, so they may simply search for the product on another site.

What Displays the Website Load Time?

The website load time is the total length of time it takes before a web page is completely loaded in a web browser. All the contents of the web page are delivered in this amount of time. This can be shortened by reducing the number of requests made to render all elements of a page. Reducing the number of images on a page will also speed up loading times.

Tips for Increasing Site Speed

-Start by removing or replacing any plugins you no longer need with the exception of Google Analytics and Jetpack. -Next, optimize your images. Make sure they are hosted on a fast server and not just sitting on your website. -Finally, serve your website faster and more reliably by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network).


It is clear that we need to test the speed of our page and fix any issues so we can provide a fast and quality user experience.

Website Speed Test Analyzer analyze how your desktop or mobile consumers interact with your website on their devices. To make informed performance-related decisions regarding your website and its content, you get all the information you need. Analyze the results of your Google Page Speed Insights score, as well as any improvements that should be made.

Your browser of choice (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Phantom JS) will be launched in the foreground. It then records every step of the process while your website loads. See how your website performs on different devices and networks from all over the world by comparing the results. Third-party content suppliers who are slowing down your site may potentially be caught in the act by you.

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